Sunday, September 6, 2009

Artworks Magazine Artist Profile: Daniel Ochoa by Erin Clark

Artworks Magazine Artist Profile Article (full Article)
   -June 2009

Portion of Article written by Erin Clark

"Ochoa is young and “emerging” as the art world likes to call it, and he is clearly taking a chance in changing his style so dramatically. Even at school he faced pressure to stick with representational painting, but with encouragement of a couple of instructors he followed his heart and now says there is no turning back.  “I’m committed to my direction,” he insists. “There is more aesthetic than just beautiful or grotesque. There are things in the middle, and my work is an example of that. A messed up face is not beautiful or grotesque. It just represents emotion. There is an in between, and I think people respond to that. They aren’t just looking for cupcakes or rainbows.”

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